The Subway® Story

Where it All Began 

The Subway® story began in 1965 when 17-year-old Fred DeLuca asked his family friend, Dr. Peter Buck, a nuclear physicist, for advice on how to pay his college tuition. With an idea to open a submarine sandwich shop and an initial $1,000 investment from Dr. Buck, the two formed a business partnership that would ultimately change the landscape of the quick service restaurant industry. The partners opened their first restaurant in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in August of 1965, where they served freshly-made, customizable and affordable sandwiches to local guests. 

Creating a Strong System 

By 1974, Fred and Dr. Buck owned and operated 16 submarine sandwich shops throughout Connecticut. But, to take the brand even further and reach their 32-restaurant goal in time, the pair decided to begin franchising — a business model that launched the Subway® brand into a period of incredible growth and popularity.

Guiding Principles 

As the Subway® brand grew over the decades, Fred and Dr. Buck remained true to three core values and principles, which still guide the brand to this day:

Subway® Today 

Today, Subway® has grown to become one of the world’s largest restaurant brands, serving customizable and signature sandwiches, wraps and salads to millions of guests, across more than 100 countries in more than 37,000 restaurants every day. Subway® restaurants are owned and operated by a franchisee network that includes more than 20,000 dedicated entrepreneurs and small business owners – who are all committed to delivering the best guest experience possible in their local communities.